What you said....

Thank you for a wonderful treatment its one of the best I have had in England. The next time I am here I will rebook with you.  Fiona


Thank you for spending the time with me to explain all about the hair growth process and the different ways to deal with it. Its been a huge benefit to me knowing I have made to right choice and I feel i am now incapable hands. Alison


Its the best back neck and shoulder massage I have ever had. Thank you for working so well on my knots! Lesley


That's the most thorough Brazilian wax ever - thank you! Jennifer


I have had Hopi Ear Candles before but they never seemed to work. Im glad I tried again as you seem to be able to achieve a fabulous result every time. I'm totally free from ear ache and would never consider any other method again. See you again in three months for my top up! Karen


I have had so many problems with my back so thank you for stopping it from aching so much. Joy


I had almost given up on therapists giving me a manicure so thank you for restoring my faith. You give an exceptional manicure. Sue