Jessica Salon's

Amid the chic boutiques and busy restaurants of the Sunset Strip, an elegant canopy marks your arrival at The Jessica Clinic, a nails-only salon which is almost as famous as the people who come here.

Upon arriving, clients are put into the hands of Certified technicians known as nail cultivists. Initially, the cultivist analyzes a client’s nails to determine what type they are. This is the cornerstone of the System--treating individual nails differently, according to what they need. Once the analysis is made, a regimen is prescribed to restore or maintain the ongoing health and beauty of the nail.

Tiny tears are mended, broken nails are invisibly repaired. Hands and feet are snugged into warm mittens and booties designed to help dry skin absorb rich moisturizers and emollients. The skin around the nail is rarely cut; it is gently pushed back by using a pure linen towel. Specialized products restore life to dry, damaged, or problem nails and assist in the awkward transition from acrylic back to natural nails.

Anything harsh or damaging is nowhere to be found. No pushing cuticles with metal or sticks; no snipping at hangnails; never an "ouch!" This is all-natural "TLC" developed by Jessica herself. The result of all this attention: growing, glowing, naturally beautiful nails with nothing artificial added. No tips or fills. No abrasive filing.

Small wonder that the Jessica Clinic is known by newsmakers and luminaries around the globe. First Ladies, movie stars, models and VIPs are regularly seen having their nails done at the Clinic. Moreover, it is favored by all who love the idea of exceptional, personalized care.