Body Treatments

Laser Lypolysis

Laser-assisted lipolysis is a minimally invasive procedure for the removal of stubborn pockets of fat. It can effectively reduce areas of fat resistant to diet or exercise with minimal side effects than traditional liposuction.

The procedure uses a laser to effectively ‘melt’ unwanted fat and then either allows the body to metabolize the melted fat or uses ‘aspiration’, a form of suction that allows the practitioner to remove greater quantities of fat. Although it has been touted as a lunchtime treatment, laser-assisted lipolysis is classified as a minor surgical procedure. Laser-assisted lipolysis is not a weight loss alternative but is effective for those with small localized areas of stubborn fat.

Cavitation & Radio Frequency

What is Cavitation?

Ultrasonic cavitation, also called ultrasonic lipolysis, is a body contouring treatment that is used to remove fat deposits under your skin. ... The treatment uses ultrasonic radio waves to break apart fat cells, which are then absorbed into your body by your lymphatic system.

Vacuum Suction

A perfect treatment to help break down and rid the body of toxins and soft fat cells through the lymphatic system

Body Brushing/ Exfoliating

This has a vital role in combating anti-cellulite, kick starting your metabolism and helping you body to detoxify.

Ultimate Sheer Pampering Service

Hot stone massage with Sheer Pamper Body Oil.

Mother to Be

Completely safe for mother and baby this relaxing treatment promotes relaxation whilst preventing stretch marks