Acrylic Nail Extensions

This is still one of the popular but traditional methods of nail extensions. We use odourless monomer to minimise any vapours and have a very good extraction system in place.

This is still the most ideal method of nail extensions for the woman who expects a great deal from their nails.

This system allows you to have a natural or painted finish. Should you choose to have them painted we offer over 200 Jessica Nail Colours to choose from.

Nail Extensions - Full Set

  • Full Set of Acrylic Nail Extensions is ideal for women who would like beautiful nails but still need strength and durability to protect there own. 
  • Acrylic nails provide the necessary support for your natural nails whilst providing strength.
  • Acrylic may be applied directly over your own nail bed (overlay) or over an extended tip (Natural or French).
  • Length of the nail is your choice as well as shape from round, oval, square, squareoval and pointed.

Rebalance or Infill's

  • Rebalance or infill's are normally performed every 2 / 3 weeks after the first initial set has been performed.
  • This is a maintenance programme to constantly ensure that you have beautiful nails and allows them to continue growing undamaged underneath.
  • Providing this is performed on a regular basis there shouldn't be any need to replace with a full set.
  • This is a maintenance programme to constantly have beautiful nails.


  • Infrequently you may wish to remove your nails and start again or perhaps you would just like to take a break.
  • We have the ideal method of removal without breaking or damaging the nail bed.
  • This treatment can be performed whilst having a pedicure.

Nail Repair

  • Very occasionally you may need to have a repair.