IPL / Laser / RF Hair Removal

IPL, or intense pulsed light, hair removal is a method of removing bodily hair using focused light, and is one of the most effective methods available of permanent hair reduction. Although it is very similar to laser hair removal, it uses a broad spectrum of focused light as opposed to lasers which use a much narrower spectrum. An IPL machine produces hundreds of wavelengths of light, which travel through fibre optic tubes to a hand held device, which is used to focus the light on the area to be treated. It uses white light, which contains all wavelengths of light from red to violet, but filters are used to focus the correct wavelengths or colours of light. The light targets the pigment in hairs, heating up the follicle and damaging the cells that cause hair growth. The hair is then prevented from growing any further. How effective the IPL treatment is will depend on a number of factors, such as the colour of the skin and hair. IPL hair removal is just one of a few different methods of removing hairs with light– the use of light and lasers is becoming increasingly common in both medical and cosmetic procedures. IPL itself can also be used for other procedures including acne treatment, broken capillaries, and removal of birth marks.

Intense pulsed light hair removal is performed using an IPL machine, which includes a xenon flash lamp and focusing optics, to direct the light. A hand-held wand is applied directly onto the skin, and the light travels into the skin, until it hits a hair, due to its high concentration of pigment or melanin which the light can target. The hair and its follicle (or root) heat up intensely. The hair itself soon falls out, and the heat also destroys the follicle itself, including germ cells.




Upper lip






forehead hair line


1/2 face




Half arms


Full arms


Lower legs


Top legs


Full legs


Full legs plus standard bikini


Classic bikini


High bikini




Classic Bikini


Stomach Buttocks


Stomach line


Lower back


Toes or fingers








Upper Chest


Lower back


Upper back


​Full back


Pant line


Neck line


Full beard


In between a eyebrows