Alternative Treatments

Swedish Body Massage

A deeply relaxing and therapeutic treatment that is ideal for tired aching muscles, alleviating stress and easing muscular tension from postural, physical or emotional stress.


This specialised treatment is based on the ancient Egyptian art of gentle lymphatic massage to the body. With a selection of over forty of the purest essential oils blended with a suitable carrier oil specifically to suit your skin.


This ancient art is a non- invasive natural therapy, which uses therapeutic pressure point massage to the feet. This induces a deeply relaxing state and in turn alleviates many problems.

Remedial Massage

Remedial or Deep Tissue Massage as its also known is deep treatment that loosens up tight muscle fibres and generally focuses on restoring and or maintaining the full functionality of your muscles. If you have a tight neck, tight calf muscles or similar injuries then this is a good massage for you.